Enhance your home's value

Your home isn't going to be your home anymore when you sell through Doebler Realty.  To make that transition even speedier, keep these tips in mind.  In the end they will lead to a higher selling price.


Look at your home as though you are seeing it for the first time.  Is every room neat, spotlessly clean, dusted and uncluttered?  Steam clean carpets and wax floors.  Wash walls, windows and light fixtures.  Liquid Gold all trim and wood surfaces.  Tighten loose stair railings.  Call us if you would like to use a professional cleaning service or repairman.


These rooms should gleam! Clear off counters.  Clean all appliances and fixtures.  Replace chrome burner plates on the range.  Scrub floors and walls - repaint if necessary.  Recalk tubs and showers.  Clean thoroughly and be sure these rooms smell fresh.


Rearrange or remove furniture to make your rooms look more spacious.  Pack away knick-knacks from end and coffee tables - one or two items per surface is plenty.


Remove out-of-season clothing.  Take those things to Goodwill that you'll have to discard anyway when you move.  Organize shelves, straighten shoes.  Be sure sliding doors operate smoothly in their tracks and knobs on drawers are secure.


Dust/wash off lint from washer and dryer.  Remove stains and mineral deposits from furnaces, even dust/wash off the furnace and hot water heater.


Do everything you can to brighten the interior.  Replace dim bulbs with bright ones, replace wallpaper with off-white paint, repaint shabby or dark walls.  Open the blinds, replace broken windows and window seals.  During winter, maintain a comfortable temperature even if you are away for an extended time.  There is no music that soothes all beasts, so play it safe by turning your stereo off.

Getting Your Home Ready Outside


Look at your exterior as though you were driving up for the first time.  Remove any debris, repaint/restain where necessary, park any stored car/motor home somewhere else.  In summer, trim bushes and mow/weedwhack the grass around your home.  In winter, be sure your drive and walk to the front entry are free of snow.


Clean, straighten and repaint if necessary.  Tighten loose railings.  Arrange the patio furniture and toss old or rusty items.


First impressions really do count.  Be sure the front door and screen are in good repair.  Sweep away pine needles and cobwebs.  We tend to overlook this area when we don't enter our home through the front door.


The presence and/or odor of a pet should be avoided.  Even a friendly dog's barking may frighten a buyer.  If you can't remove your dog, can you confine him to the garage or dog run? Cats and cat boxes may bring tears to the eyes of a buyer (due to allergies, not fond feelings.) Be sure litter boxes are clean.


Do these things now and get the benefit of enhanced appeal to buyers.  Since buyers tend to "horriblize" every minor flaw, minor repairs performed now will deter niggling later on.  The dollars you spend will repay you tenfold.

Preparing for Showings


Check counters, floors, closets, halls, stairs, and make beds.  Straighten or remove newspapers, magazines, mail, toys, clothing, recreation gear, snack glasses and dishes.


Even during the day, especially in halls and dark areas.  Don't forget closets and utility rooms.


Be sure they are open all the way to promote views and allow more sunlight in.


Clear all counters, wipe down counter and appliances, put all dishes in the dishwasher.  Clean the sink and run the disposal.  Best to smell fresh or like chocolate chip cookies were just baked.


Straighten wash cloths and towels, even replace with fresh, attractive ones if possible.  Clean and wipe down counters and sinks.  Air out if mist lingers from a recent shower.  Must smell fresh, not like deodorant.


It is best for you not to be present during showings.  Buyers talk and look more freely when you are gone, they feel like intruders and are uncomfortable when you are there.

If you get caught at home during a showing, don't attempt to show your home: you may inadvertently disclose a compromising fact or you may bore the buyers with information they are not interested in and lose their enthusiasm.  Let the agent sell your home.  Even though it sometimes seems the agent couldn't sell ice water in the desert, bite your tongue.  Agents sometimes find that buyers wish to discover the ambiance of homes on their own rather than have amenities pointed out.


The purpose of our marketing materials at your home is to answer questions a typical buyer asks.  Please review the profiles when they first come and let us know about any inaccuracies.  If you run low (don't wait until you are completely out), let us know.  And if the sign begins to lean, let us know.  We will attend to your requests right away.

Following these tips will improve your chances for quick sale.  Contact us at (315) 331-7070 so we can answer any questions you have.